Contact Us

For emergencies, call 911.

For non-emergencies:

    On campus 2222
    Off campus 479-575-2222

Send us your questions or information by filling out our Feedback form.

Our address is: 155 South Razorback Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Emergency/Information Phones

You may have noticed the "pole phones" located across our campus. If you need assistance, push the button, and you will be connected immediately to someone in the Communications Center. Also, each elevator on campus is equipped with an emergency phone. If you accidentally trigger the button be sure to let the dispatcher know that there is no emergency at that time.

Visit us at our department located across from Bud Walton Arena in the Administrative Services Building, the same building as Transit and Parking and University IT Services. Our business office is open from 8:15am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday. Our Communications Center is open 24 hours a day.

Names Phone Numbers E-mail address Position
Command Staff
Director Steve Gahagans 479-575-6626 Director
Captain Kathryn Huddler 479-575-3204 Personnel Affairs & Special Events
Bernardine Vanderlip 479-575-6626 Administrative Assistant
Debbie Yeager 479-575-3204 Department Secretary
Captain G. Foster 479-575-7534 Investigations Supervisor
Corporal J. Bowen 479-575-3284 Detective
Corporal S. Ramirez 479-575-2504 Detective
Uniformed Patrol Division
Captain G. Foster 479-575-7534 Police Services Commander
Sergeant E. Ceniceros 479-575-4693 Patrol Supervisor
Sergeant C. Edwards 479-575-4556 Patrol Supervisor
Sergeant B. Ingle 479-575-6801 Patrol Supervisor
Sergeant J. Shetlar 479-575-2059 Patrol Supervisor, K-9 Supervisor
Sergeant B. Velasco 479-575-3279 Patrol Supervisor
Corporal G. Golden 479-575-2059 Patrol
Corporal C. Krodell 479-575-2059 Patrol, K-9 Handler
Corporal D. Robertson 479-575-2059 Patrol
Ptl. P. Boese 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. A. Bugg 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. W. Copelin 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. P. Edwards 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. M. Green 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. J. Hensley 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. S. Jones 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. J. Kelley 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. J. Lunsford 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. S. Meyer 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. M. Nichols 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. D. Nguyen 479-575-2222 Patrol, K-9 Handler
Ptl. A. Porter 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. B. Powell 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. D. Quinde 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. H. Rosas 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. K-9 Dingo 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. K-9 Leah 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. K-9 Orno 479-575-2222 Patrol
Ptl. K-9 Orry 479-575-2222 Patrol
Administrative Services
Captain Matt Mills 479-575-7985 Emergency Management
Lieutenant A. Mahan 479-575-2454 Career Development & Training
Sergeant M. Oakes 479-575-3293 Accreditation Manager
E. Brown 479-575-2454 Training
J. Carry 479-575-2454 Training
K. Mitchell 479-575-2454 Training
Support Services
Captain Gary Crain 479-575-2311 Communications; Crime Prevention; Public Information; Technical Support
Corporal B. Waddell 479-575-7412 Crime Prevention Officer
Shannon McCuin 479-575-2222 Communications Center Supervisor
Communications Center
S. Adams 479-575-2222 Dispatcher
B. Bogle 479-575-2222 Dispatcher
J. Carrell 479-575-2222 Dispatcher
T. Duncan 479-575-2222 Dispatcher