Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Unit reports directly to the Police Services Major and is staffed by two full time investigators. Investigators respond to major crime scenes and are responsible for the follow-up investigation of all major crimes against persons and property that occur within the university's jurisdiction.

The Investigative Services Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious crimes such as assault, sexual assault, robbery, substantial larcenies and burglaries.

The duties include overseeing the collection, preservation, and processing of available evidence; interviewing victims and witnesses; conducting pertinent crime analysis; coordinating her activities with other law enforcement and prosecution agencies; identifying and arresting offenders.

Investigative Services personnel review and analyze previous reports, departmental records and the results of laboratory examinations; conduct follow-up interviews and interrogations; seek additional information from officers, witnesses, victims, complainants and other law enforcement agencies; plan, organize and conduct searches and collect physical evidence; identify and apprehend suspects; prepare, arrest and search and seizure warrants; prepare cases for court presentation in conjunction with the State's Attorney's Office and develop informant and intelligence information.

Evidence processed by the Crime Scene Technician often leads to the successful identification and prosecution of suspects, particularly in cases of property crimes such as burglary and larceny.

Both investigators also play a major role in educating the campus community regarding safety and awareness issues and often meet with student groups to provide greater prevention awareness.