About the Department

Crime Prevention

The University of Arkansas Police Department is committed to pro-active crime prevention. In other words, we take action to prevent the crime before it occurs. Therefore, the department regularly presents programs covering the following crime prevention topics. If you do not see the program you need listed, contact the UAPD's Crime Prevention Unit at 575-7412.



The Investigative Services Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious crimes such as assault, sexual assault, robbery, substantial larcenies and burglaries.

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UAPD patrol officers are charged with providing for the safety of all the students, faculty, staff and guests who attend class, work, live and visit our campus, and with the security of university buildings and property. We are proud of our professional police officers. Each of them received their certification from the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training. We believe that by working in partnership with the community we serve and by employing crime prevention and problem solving strategies we can achieve this critical mission.

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