K9 Division


 The K9 unit is also called on to provide support and training for other police and sheriff departments across the region, and we’ve been called into duty at nearly every K-12 school in Northwest Arkansas.

We’re pretty popular, but we are expensive. Our nutritional requirements run almost $10,000 each year.  And, because of the rigor of our service, we must be cared for by special K9 veterinarians and dentists. It’s all part of keeping us in top condition so that we’re able to protect and serve the public at the highest level. 

If you wish to contribute to our department, please click this link, UAPDK9 Online Giving.  This will help keep us in shape and help us continue the excellence in law enforcement and community outreach for which it’s known. Any size gift will make a difference.

Thank you!

K9 Officer's Leah, Orry, Dingo and Oakley   



UAPD K9 Members 

   Sgt. Jeff Shetlar  Sgt. Jeff Shetlar
   Cpl. Chris Krodell   Cpl. Chris Krodell
   Cpl. David Nguyen   Cpl. David Nguyen    
   Ofc. Joe Copelin  Ofc. Joe Copelin







Hello and woof! Did you know the University of Arkansas Police Department has one of the most elite K9 units in the state?

We’re a big part of what helps keep students, faculty, staff—and fans—safe on campus. In addition to providing standard explosives security and narcotics detection for the U of A, federal mandate requires the bomb dogs sweep every sports venue prior to every event.


K9 Unit